The "Holy Grail" of Movie Memorabilia

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The "Holy Grail"

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This is the only collection of its kind left in the world that chronicles the Hollywood movie industry from the late1920's through the mid-1980's. All of this marketing material was thought to be discarded and destroyed.

From Clark Gable to Robert Redford, Bette Davis to Goldie Hawn, more than 50,000 individual pieces of Hollywood History engraved into advertising plates comprise the collection.

These plates and blocks became obsolete in the mid 1980's when letterpress was replaced with offset printing and the letterpress shops and newspapers discarded this material with one exception in Omaha, NE.

The exclusive and unique rights to what appraisers now call "The Holy Grail" of movie memorabilia opens up the opportunity to re-strike the original plates to produce hundreds of thousands of saleable images. Something that has never been possible before!


The Exclusive and unique rights to the "Holy Grail" of movie memorabilia images not available anywhere else, and this exclusive opportunity is now available after the recent decision to "un-vault" these original printing materials.

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The preserved collective works of over 12,000 motion picture titles from the 1930's through the 1980's is now "Out of the Time Capsule"



Restrike Example


  • 2001
      2001 A Space Odyssey
  • mockingbird
     To Kill a Mockingbird
    Gregory Peck
  • Raidersofthelostark
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Harrison Ford
  • DraculaCLeeDracula
  • Janis
  • LogansRun
  • MarilynBlock
  • WarholsDracula
  • MummyThe Mummy