The Business

Legends is a tremendous business opportunity that takes exclusive pieces of movie history and transports them into a high demand market!

In 2016, the global market for licensed merchandise from TV and movie merchandising exceeded $250 billion dollars, up over 5 percent from the previous year. With the ability to keep overhead low and utilize the mass marketing strategies of internet based business, the profitability forecast for Legends is at an all-time high.


Legends is a proprietary and protectable company with a significant competitive edge with exclusive rights and a worldwide customer base. The preserved collective works of over 12,000 motion picture titles from the 1930's through the 1980's is now "Out of the Time Capsule" and is for sale. These reproducible images can be printed on any substrate imaginable.


Experts in the field of movie memorabilia have projected the re-strikes alone could easily generate over $60 million if the prints are limited to 400-500 each at an average cost to the consumer of $45.00 each.


This does not take into consideration the merchandising aspect. Based on over 10,000 titles, Legends stands to show a profit of well over $250 million based on only 1% of the market share per year.


8,000 plates
50,000 cuts
 (over 10,000 titles spanning almost a decade)
Original inventory book (started in the 1930's)
The rights, title, interest and copyrights of the aforementioned
Printing Press (1932 Vandercook)


• Proprietary
• No Royalty Fees
• Professional Appraisal & Projections
• Minimal Labor
• Sustainable
• Profitable
• Not buffeted by industry regulations
• Built in fan base


Ability to print exclusive products
Utilize Web selling strategy to minimize costs
Quickly print, package, and ship to accommodate demand
Provide documentation of authenticity
Personalize products
Exclusive rights to one of a kind memorabilia (Can't be found anywhere else)
Gross Margin
Brand Strength
Recurring revenue
Sustainable investment