Mr. Rudy Franchi, Owner of the Nostalgia Factory, Boston, MA. and appraiser for Skinner Auction House and The Antiques Road Show, visted Omaha, NE., to appraise and authenticate the collection.

Mr. Franchi has organized major movie poster auctions for Skinner of Boston, Christie's New York and Heritage Auction House and has recently co-authored Miller's Movie Collectibles, a guide to collecting movie posters and related film paper, autographs and props. He has been at the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW collectibles table since its first season.

Bonnie O'Connell, expert and artist in the field of letterpress, inspected and authenticated the collection. She is a faculty member and heads up the Fine Arts Press at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.


DJ Ginsberg, extensive knowledge in the field of letterpress and offset printing since the 1980's. Mr. Ginsberg has first hand knowledge and information about this collection of movie memorabilia. He personally worked with the company that produced all the cuts and plates and has documented information of how and why they were designed and produced in Omaha, NE.